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Programs and Curriculum

Infant programInfant program : Child adult ratio 1 : 2 (nurse on duty)

The infant programme (age 6 mth - 1yr) is to provide a safe and healthy environment. The program has been developed and is age appropriate, which helps in the transition to the toddler's world.




Infant programPlaygroup

The program is based on the concept of multiple intelligence, the teachers are trained to provide activities to suit the different learning needs of every child. The environment provides age appropriate activities learning areas like linguistic, mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, materialistic skills.



Infant programNursery

The program focus is on building on the language ability, logical, numerical, scientific thinking, sensorial activities and excercises of practical life through Montessori Method.




Infant programJunior KG

Our juniors learn through the 3R's, Rhythm, reverence and Repetition which helps them for writing and maths. Phonics is an integral part of the curriculum which enhances the child's spelling and speech.




Infant programSenior KG

In addition to age appropriate activities in senior KG which prepares a child for success in formal school, activities are conducted in language,number,music,general knowledge,in a planned manner. The childs development is assessed through well designed assessments done in regular intervals.



Infant programDaycare

Timing 8am to 8pm
Our staffs are highly trained, extremely caring to meet the high standard for cause.

Food and Nutrition
In house cooked food served under the dietician supervision which includes a healthy mix of veg fruits, pulses, cereals and milk.

Facilities :

  • Individual mattresses, sheets, blankets.
  • Toilet training, sleep and eating areas.
  • Diaper changing unit.
  • On stage theatre.
  • Full transportation service.
  • Splash pool and sand pit.
  • Gardening activities (for all age groups)

General Communication :

  • Monthly parent – teachers meeting.
  • Monthly planner/calendar
  • Parent events
  • Feedback
  • Parents information board at the entrance

Activities at Bodhi Kidds

  • Water play – for fine motor development.
  • Sand play - helps the child to develop eye hand co-ordination and exploration.
  • Arty corner - activities like painting,collage,spray painting .
  • Field trip - to explore the new environment with confidence.
  • Puppet show – The children's learn the language skills, thinking skills. It helps the child in engaging in all the 9 intelligences – an integral part of early childhood program.
  • Glen Doman Reading – to develop sight reading.
  • Activity time - Art activities, drawing craft, colouring   engaging activities like activity sheets, phonic program, numeracy skill development and literary skill development etc. for holistic development of all senses and skills.
  • Snack time  - Diet activates memory .Hence children imbibe table manners and healthy food habits
  • Show and tell – a child’s urge to explore his world, his environment and get his millions of questions and answers fulfilled.
  • Wind up and reverence- talking and sharing about the day with a note of relaxation and yoga.