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BODHI KIDDS PRESCHOOL AECS LAYOUT caters to age group of 1-10yrs,, parents choose our school because of high quality of teaching, education, infrastructure and resource that we provide enabling our children to cope with pressure. We believe that school is a community of parents and they also have a say in how their children are educated and cared for. As they say school is the child’s second home. Hence it is very important that the school they go to cares for their development.

The programs offered are: *Play school *Nursery *Junior KG *Senior KG *Day Care School *Preschool

At Bodhi Kidds School, the activities are full of fun and learning. The child is given full freedom to explore the world around him in the day care school. At Bodhi Kidds Preschool teaching and learning is not just restricted to classrooms, the play, drama time, eurhythmics, role play, cooking, gardening, library time, field trips to name a few are given equal importance as well. In a school environment a child learns by exploring and experiencing his environment and discovers his strengths and abilities with no set limit on the amount of academic learning in the school. Each child is allowed to learn to his/her fullest potential at the daycare. Apart from starting to learn the basics, the children learn important social skills, like how to be independent, how to share and how to follow directions which will help them interact with other students at the school.

How we maximize your child's potentials in our school

A total approach to learning in the seven main areas of development at our school is as such

  • Linguistic
  • Logical-Mathematical
  • Bodily Kinesthetic
  • Musical
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Naturalistic

Credentials of our school

What best of the best means for your child at our school

  • Professionally run day care, preschool and after school care center
  • Ensure utmost care and well-being in the nursery school
  • Future Prospects: Graduating students accepted at an exceptional list of formal schools
  • Smaller teacher child ratio more personal attention at Bodhi Kidds School
  • Age appropriate curriculum followed for our toddlers at the daycare school
  • Well researched curriculum for nursery school
  • Unique Kiducation philosophy
  • A parent training and partnership program in the school.
  • A teacher training program for only well trained teachers who are handling the kids
  • Teaching through playway, puppets and projects in the school


Unique practices like strengthening the writing muscles through parachute play activity, nurturing children's growing brain development with sensory motor games and activities, helping children develop impulse control and self-regulation through unique games, stories and rhymes are practiced here in the daycare school. The extra factor is that we are the only brand that focuses on life skills, as well as readiness skills in children and so we have developed many materials for kids for their age appropriate development in preschools.